That unusual four letter word that remains more unpredictable than almost anything else we come in common with. 

For me, that unpredictability came in absolute waves this last year. As an educator, I tend to think of "years" differently than the rest of the world. My year usually goes from August to July - in other words, the start of the school year. And this past year was a doozy! A move back home after being gone four years, an unexpected surgery, major complications from the surgery, finally seeing the light at the end of that tunnel only to be thrown into another one as we hospitalized my father, struggling to deal with his unexpected passing, and finally trying to determine what our new normal looks like.

Needless to say, when school started this week, I was glad to feel as if I could maybe, just maybe, move on from last year and start fresh.And starting fresh for me means stepping back in to some long-missed activities. 

First - writing. I have missed writing more than I can say. It's always been a release for me. But, when life throws such crazy curve balls, even those good releases can be pushed to the side. 

Second - health. Although it should be one of the most important, it's also one of the easiest to push to the side. Eating well and exercising become less critical when you are crawling out of that tunnel (though really they are even more important than usual). So, I'm committing to eating better and exercising.  

Third - Faith. My faith is the one thing, besides my family, that has carried me through this past year. And, this year has reminded me that the daily faith is just as important, if not more, than relying on it when we are at our darkest. 

As I step back into life this year, I also want to thank some of you who have stayed in support and contact with me. So, to my mom, Brandy, and Kim I want to give a huge shout out for trying to keep tabs on me and constantly supporting me. To Becca and Charlotte, I promise I haven't forgotten you! And to everyone else who has continued to send emails, buy books, and send messages, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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