Ahhhh….Friday – one of the most precious days of week! Everyone enjoys Friday, but sometimes I believe there is not a group who enjoys that particular day of the week more than teachers. This special group of people dedicates time and energy to more than simply teaching throughout the week. Not only are they teachers, they are moms and dads, counselors, therapists, janitors, managers, and a myriad other tasks we cannot even begin to name. Teachers are jacks-of-all-trades.

The heroine in my first novel is a teacher as are the heroines in my next two full length novels. This was not originally on purpose. I just found overtime that I enjoy writing about teachers. They have fantastic stories to tell (and have some excellent anecdotes from their students too).

Since I have started writing, I have given lots of thought to the teachers who helped me get here. Two of my most influential taught me during my 8th grade year. First, I credit my US History teacher. Although student-driven, alternative assignments are more common these days, they were very unusual when I was in school. Yet, here was this young, new teacher who was not afraid to allow us to spread our wings a little and have some choice in our assignments. The first official story I wrote was for her class – a historical fiction covering specific battles in the Civil War. One day, I might just have to brush that short story out and see if I can expand it! The other teacher who greatly impacted my love of reading and writing was my English teacher. She opened my eyes to the variety of literary genres out there and pushed my thinking as a young writer. I will be forever grateful for these two ladies!

Of course, I have had many, many teachers through the years that have impacted me in different ways; I honestly do not know if I could list all of them. But, I have definitely been giving them all a lot of thought lately. So, I would like to challenge each of you to do the same. Think of at least one teacher who had a major impact on your life and write them a thank you note. If possible, see if you can track them down to mail that note. Teachers are never told thank you enough!

Enjoy your fabulous Friday!

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