I'm so excited to start a new monthly feature - Author Spotlight. These are some of my favorite authors, or friends I've made along the way on my journey as an author. 

My first author spotlight is Peggy Henderson. If you have not read any of her books run, don't walk, to start one today! 

Her bio can be found on her website and in each of her books. But, I wanted to get to know her more. So,here's a little interview I did with Peggy to find out a little more about this fantastic author. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

First of all, thank you so much, Marisa, for inviting me to do this interview. What an honor!

I guess I consider myself the “accidental author.” I’ve always loved writing, but it’s not something I ever considered to do for a living. English is my second language, and I used to make up stories in German when I was little.

My background is in veterinary medicine and lab sciences. I’ve always been an animal nut. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and we have two boys.

My husband and I have loved going to Yellowstone since we graduated from high school. One summer, I went on a girls-only trip with a good friend, who was also my boss at the time. I came home from that trip with a story in my head. It stayed with me for over a year until I finally started writing it down. That’s how my first book, Yellowstone Heart Song, was born. I found someone to critique the story, and she urged me to pursue publication, which I balked at until I had three more books written. I was writing for my own personal enjoyment, not to publish, but I’m glad I finally took her advice. It’s led me to an entirely new career path.

You have several ongoing series: Yellowstone Romance, Teton Trilogy, Second Chance Time Travel Romance, and Blemished Brides Western Historical Romance. How do you determine which series you plan to work on next?

I guess I let my characters determine who gets their story told next.  My readers are fairly vocal on which series should be next in line for a new book. The Teton Trilogy is done, so I don’t have to worry too much about it (except for a novella or two in the future). It really depends on which characters are loudest in my mind at the moment. Sometime I try and work on two books in different series at one time, and then one of them always tends to take over and I finish it and then go on to the next one.

How much research goes into your books, and how do you tackle that?

For some books, I have to do more research than for others. Sometimes I’ll spend an entire day on something minor that may be brought up in only one scene, but it’s important enough to get right. Names in particular, are very important to me. Names and name origins, and their significance to the story and the characters. This is especially true for the Yellowstone Series. It wasn’t at first, but in the newest books it’s become very important. I spent an insane amount of time researching names.

In general,  I would say I spend equal amounts of time researching things than I do writing.

What works best for you in writing novels? Do you plan and outline first or do you just start writing and let the story unfold?

It depends on the story. I’ve never written an outline and stuck to it. Most of the time, a story starts out as a single idea, usually for a specific event for a character, and from there, it evolves. I’ve been trying to do more outlining, but I’m not a hard-core plotter.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I get to make stuff up and entertain people! And I don’t have to do it by standing in front of a crowd. I’ve always been a better communicator in writing than by speaking, so that’s what’s so great about this job. I also have the freedom to live exciting adventures through my characters.

What is your least favorite or what do you struggle with the most?

In crafting a story, the things I struggle with the most is writing dialogue and writing action sequences.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of writing your books? What about marketing?

The most challenging aspect of writing is marketing. Writing a book is the easy part. Getting the word out and selling it is complicated, and something I don’t like to do. I think it’s something with which all writers struggle.

If you had to pick a favorite pairing in your novels, who would it be and why?

That’s a difficult question to answer. That’s like asking, who’s your favorite child. I like to think I paired my characters to complement each other. Of course, Aimee and Daniel will always be my favorites since they were my first. Dani and Josh are another great couple, and then there was Lucas and Tori. I think those two rank right up there with my favorites. Lucas was such a fun character to write. Such a daredevil, without a care in the world, and he gets the surprise of his life when he falls for Tori. He wouldn’t have fallen for anyone else but her. She’s just as adventurous as he is, and the two of them are just made for each other.

What else do you have in store for your readers?

I have to finish the Yellowstone Series (2 full-length books to go in the series, and I’m sure there will be some more novellas), another Second Chances book, more Blemished Brides, and I’ve got three potential new series on the backburner that I’m slowly trying to develop in the next year.

And now, a speed round of favorites:

Favorite color: royal blue

Favorite drink: raspberry ice tea

Favorite food: chocolate

Favorite movie: Hallelujah Trail

Favorite music to write by: country, but I don’t usually listen to music while writing. I require silence to write.

Favorite accessory: my cat (my writing assistant), or if you mean outfit accessories, I don’t really have any. Maybe my hair scrunchy to tie my hair in a ponytail.


Thanks so much, Peggy! Here are some links to find her books and follow her in social media. 

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And, here are some of her beautiful covers 


I am so excited to participate in the Happy Endings blog hop which begins today. Not only is this my first blog hop to participate in, but it is always one of my favorite topics. I'm a sucker for happy endings and often get quite frustrated when I read a book, and become totally invested in it, only to have a sad horrible ending. Yuck!

In this post, I'll start with a link to the blogs participating in the hop. You can visit each of their sites during the week. Next, I'll share my personal happy ending story. Finally, I'll end with the giveaway for this site. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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So what is my personal happy ending? I have two that I tried to choose between, and of course, could not. Finally, I just decided to share both. 

First - meeting and marrying my best friend. I was a freshman in college when we met. As a student at Texas A&M University, I was caught up in the excitement of building Aggie bonfire. My dorm was paired with a brother dorm and I met him during our first trek into the woods to participate in cut. Once that busy, busy day was over, we all went to Whataburger where he strategically placed my drink across from him so I would have to sit there. We had our first date that night and the rest is history. By February, we were engaged and we married a year and a half later. I was young and in love, and about a month before we got engaged, he offered me the opportunity to date other people; he said he knew what he wanted, but he wanted me to be sure. I made my choice then, and almost 17 years later, am so thankful I did. 

My second happy ending was the birth of our daughter. After years of infertility treatments and heartache, we finally had a successful IVF treatment. We placed 3 embryos inside and she promptly kicked the other two out! But, in her excitement to meet Mama and Daddy, she kept trying to come too early. My asthma couldn't handle things well, so I spent the last 11 weeks of my pregnancy on bed rest. She was born a month early and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. This precious angel is the epitome of the happy ending that you get to enjoy over and over again and I am so thankful for her!

Readers and blog hop participants - enjoy the week by reminiscing about your own happy endings. Take time to reflect on those moments that have brought you pure joy. 

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