I have had several people ask me how in the world I was ever able to complete a novel. These are not people who are intending to question my ability or be negative; they simply understand the crazy schedule I have kept for the past several years. Over the past month I have answered that question more times than I can count and I finally realized it all boils down to one simple thing.

I was able to complete my novel because I made writing a priority.

Like everyone else, I have entirely too many things going on in my life and it is easy to get in bed at the end of a day or running ragged but still feeling as if I have accomplished nothing. Overtime, I felt my writing was slipping further and further in the list of important things. So, when I woke up one morning a year and a half ago, I decided to write. I created a profile on elance and began applying for writing jobs. After a time, I was hired for my first ghostwriting assignment. I loved every minute of it even if my name was not on the end result. I was writing and getting paid to do so! I continued accepting a variety of writing assignment, eventually joining a writing team called Coqui Prose.

But, I still wasn’t working on *my* writing. While I now wrote every day, I was meeting someone else’s goals. So, I made the promise to work on mine in tandem. For ever goal I met, I would work on my own writing. Each day I carved a small amount of time to write at least a few lines of dialogue, several paragraphs, or one scene. Eventually, I was able to complete the entire novel.

It does not matter what goal you want to work towards in life. The only way you will be able to complete it is to make that goal a priority. And it is possible to have more than one priority; you just have to work on scheduling your priorities. I still write for Coqui Prose and feel completely blessed to be part of such an amazing group. But, I also focus on my own writing at the same time.

Writing is my passion, my priority. Take the time to find yours.



10/27/2014 9:18pm

Sounds really great! Thank you for the significant write-up and for sharing your experience. I actually do loved writing and that I thought it was my strong interest.

07/06/2016 10:26am

The importance of prioritization in the aspect of a person is often overlooked. How things in one's life is organized tells a lot about the person. If the person has a good state of organization, the he may be a person of success, among others. A person has many things to deal with in his everyday life, and these needs to be balanced. In order to progress, we need to have a critical view of ourselves and the things we engage upon on a daily basis. Thank you for this article.

07/11/2016 1:21am

Writing is my passion too, as yours...

12/16/2016 6:15am

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All of us have our priorities, the things that we consider are really important to us in our lives. Whether it is a little girl that can not wait to be the first female president or a drunkard trying to decide what shot he is going to take next. And when it comes to writing, it should also be your priority. Passion and love is the key for a successful writing. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

01/18/2017 1:18pm

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05/10/2017 6:09am

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You cannot complete anything unless you make it a priority like what i have made since i was doing racing so i have to make mountain biking as my priority over anything else if i haven't made this decision i won't be able to win the mountain race.


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