Cover reveal days are exciting to me. They allow the reader to see the heart of the story through the author's eyes. Covers set the overall tone of the story and give the reader a small hint as to what might be anticipated. 

In designing RUNNING TOWARDS LOVE, I wanted a cover that screamed romance because, in my eyes, that is exactly who Danny and Nikki are together; after being married for ten years, that romance still has not disappeared. But Nikki is just as cautious of good things in her life now as she was when they first met. Despite the fact that she trusts in Danny's love, she still has a tendency to run on occasion. She is definitely in the right career track; acting works for her because she cannot hide the drama!

I hope each of you enjoys the cover of RUNNING TOWARDS LOVE, as much as I did creating it. As soon as the novella is released, I'll announce locations and pricing information. 

Here is the book blurb for RUNNING TOWARDS LOVE:

For ten years, Danny and Nikki Camarelli have shared everything until Nikki overhears a conversation leading her to believe his honesty has been nothing but a lie. When Nikki disappears for a few days, Danny is frantic with worry before he finds out she has traveled to visit their best friends in Texas.

Shortly after she arrives, Nikki confides the rest of the horrible truth to Jason and Rebekah Taylor, completely unsure as to what her future holds. But, Danny won’t give her up without a fight. Can Nikki remember all the reasons she should be RUNNING TOWARDS LOVE before it’s too late?

A novella based on the characters from IS LOVE ENOUGH.



These days true love has been seen rarely between the couples. Its also sad that often people are not willing to have a long love life. This new cover for you book is very nice and I hope it would be helpful to inspire the true love.

01/08/2017 6:04am

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I'd love to read your new book. When do you plan to release?


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