Recently, I decided to start Fan Fridays - an opportunity for anyone to ask any burning question...techniques, characters, projects, what type of gum I chew, anything. So, if you have any questions, post them in the comments, leave a message on Facebook, or even send me an email. I hope ya'll enjoy this 'ongoing interview' as much as I will. 

Our first question comes from Kim. She asks, 
'Does Is Love Enough and Running Towards Love have a series name?'

The short answer is no. The right answer should be yes. 

When I first started writing IS LOVE ENOUGH, I always intended it to be a standalone book. I truly felt as if Jason and Rebekah's story was complete and there was no reason to plan another story. After I released the book though, I started receiving comments and questions about Danny and Nikki. Readers wanted to know their back did they meet, why were they so important to Jason, what did their future hold. 

Thus, RUNNING TOWARDS LOVE was born. This novella allowed me the opportunity to answer some of those burning questions about Danny and Nikki while giving readers a glimpse of Jason and Rebekah in the future. Along the way, I explored so much of Danny and Nikki and really enjoyed telling their story. In fact, they keep nudging me and letting me know their story isn't quite complete. Maybe we'll have to explore that in the future. 

I think at this point, I should probably combine the two books into a series, especially if Danny and Nikki have their way and a third book is created. The official name of the series will be THE LOVE SERIES.


09/19/2016 1:08am

Your stories are so interesting yet so inspiring. I have read your book "Is Love Enough" and I am amazed how you shared your thoughts and point of views about love in this novel. You're giving your readers an inspiration and make us believe that true love still exists despite of today's fast paced world. Thank you and keep writing inspiring stories and I will look forward for more.

02/04/2017 1:45pm

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03/21/2017 5:46am

Can you give me a link on your Facebook? I'd like to ask you something!

05/10/2017 6:04am

You don't have to confuse love with passion. Passion would burn you fast and love is for ages.


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