Awhile back, I participated in an author auction to raise money for a friend of mine's sister who was battling breast cancer. During this, I auctioned off the ability to have a character named in my next book. I had not one, but two, fabulous people win the auction. So, here is the introduction of the first auction character: Shane!


Mark rolled his neck as he entered the police department, a harsh sigh escaping from his lips. This certainly was not the way he wanted to start his day, particularly since he wasn’t even supposed to be working today. His mind raced with images of curly dark hair, sleepy eyes, bright smiles, stacks of pancakes, and a room full of laughter and he slammed his eyes shut before the longing to return home became more than he could bare.

“Mark!” A strong voice broke through his reverie, yanking him back to reality. “You’re here early. And on a Sunday to boot. What gives?”

“Frick and Frack, Shane. Frick and stupid Frack.” Mark tossed his file onto the desk and flopped down into the chair. “Don’t get me wrong, they’re good cops, both of them. But, man, they make me tired. Were we ever that young and inexperienced?”

Mock shock filled his friendly face as laughter flowed through his eyes. “You saying I’m old man?” I can still take you out.” He joked while flexing his right bicep.” Sighing loudly as he heard no response, Shane swung his chair around to study his partner, noting the fatigue in his eyes. He kicked his booted feet up onto the desk separating them, crossing one ankle over the other. “They were in here earlier. Those two still have a lot to learn. But why were you even dealing with them? You weren’t working last night.”

“Nope. Well, I wasn’t supposed to, but the Captain called me in early this morning.”

Shane lifted an eyebrow. “How in the world did he get involved at 2 in the morning?”

“No idea, Buddy.” Mark pressed his fingers to his temple, moving them in circles, feeling the caffeine from his early morning coffee disappear but not quite motivated to get up and get another cup. “But when he calls and asks us to go…”

“We go,” Shane finished. 


04/28/2016 6:01am

This character seems intersting. Like how you're developing it, and I really think he will fit in your book just well.

10/12/2016 11:31pm

What a good teaser. I love how it is made, the viewer are trilled about the story. I am a fan so I become really interested knowing there is a teaser. How I wish there are lots of this. I love this kind of genre, I did not expect that my daughter will be engaged into this as well. I cannot wait to share it with her. It is indeed a good read. Keep it up. Thank you very much.


This episode was way better than last time's episode. I was glad I was able to find this one. I am really busy these past few weeks that's why I was worried that I might not be able to be updated with the upcoming episodes. Good thing I am not that busy at the moment. Great episode by the way!

12/27/2016 8:31am

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